Coffee and breakfast with Madeline

 Currently at Beans n Cream in Sun Prairie with Madeline. I have to soak up these summer days with no schedule and spend time with my girls. If you have an IPad you should really consider adding a keyboard. I love mine. Go Pack Go! 


 I go from having a quiet social calendar to being completely busy. I went to Green Day with my daughter Madeline last Friday in Milwaukee. I highly recommend seeing Green Day if you like their music as they put on a great show. I then went to my friends cabin the next day. On Monday we bought Molly a car for college. I can’t believe she will be gone this fall. I hope summer slows down before then. 

Just wondering

 If you are reading my posts I’d like to hear from you. I’m just wondering who is reading my blog?

Teaching Summer School

 Three weeks of summer school. I’m teaching 6-8th grade games/outdoor activities. Zero curriculum was provided. Looking forward to July and August. 

Looking forward…

 Summer break is almost here. Can’t wait to lose track of what day of the week it is. 

March Snow?

 Had a virtual day of teaching today. My zoom skills are a little rusty but I think I managed ok. There should be a law against March snowstorms.